On this page we will provide links to helpful sites, related organizations, or resources for your environmental conservation activities. 



The Shopping List

Members have been asking us for our top picks for shopping for environmentally sound products, clothes and gifts.  Please check out some of these sites and consider these products as alternatives to what you might otherwise purchase.  If you have to consume, you might as well consume wisely.  Note that we have not received anything for placing these links on this page.  We don't play favorites.  We can't be bought.  Our researchers picked these stores because of their policies and the products they sell.  Have other suggestions? 


  1. General, Multi-category store-  The ultimate recycled, environmentally-friendly store we've found is Ecologic.  Check out their bamboo clothing, inner tube wallets, and snowboard bags made from billboard ads.  You can also check out Ecomall, which claims to be the largest environmental resource portal on the internet.  It's a good resource, but we found some of the sites that they link to looked a bit dodgy and many of the links were dead.  You're much better off trying the places we recommend here before venturing to places on 'the mall'.

  2. Shoes - Try Vivobarefoot out for shoes made from recycled material such as coffee bags and leather car seat scraps.  Or try El Naturalista for vegetable-oil based leather shoes.  Patagonia has great shoes too!

  3. Clothes - Start with Patagonia, the pioneers in recycling and corporate responsibility.  Nau Clothing uses organic cotton, polyester from recycled soda bottles, and PLA (a corn-based plastic). 

  4. Wine - Try French Rabbit.  Their wine is packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard and plastic container similar to the box that soy milk comes in.  The result is a 90% reduction in packaging waste.  Also, they plant a tree for every four "bottles" sold.

  5. Automobiles - Though we'd always prefer that you walk or ride a bike, here's our best recommendation for a car:  try Tesla, a California outfit that creates hi-performance, 100% electric cars.  You'll be joining George Clooney and Leo DeCaprio if you pick one up.  Fisker Automotive is a Tesla competitor which also features an all-electric lineup. 



Here are some links to organizations that have similar ideals and principles as The Nature Initiative.  We have, and will continue to work with these organizations whenever our missions overlap. 

  1. Million Trees NYC

  2. The Arbor Day Foundation

  3. Kiva.org

  4. The Audubon Society

  5. Recycle-a-Bicycle

  6. The Trust for Public Land